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Prestigious, leafy, established— Ivanhoe is a haven of sprawling period homes, scenic boulevards and stately blocks in Melbourne’s trendy Northern Suburbs.

Traditionally known for established families and older couples, Ivanhoe’s proximity to the city and world-class facilities have seen it evolve in recent years, bringing a new generation of modern luxury homes and townhouses into its lush enclave.

If you’ve purchased in Ivanhoe, Latitude 37 is the area’s preferred custom builder for new homes and knockdown rebuilds.

That’s because we design every home to seamlessly enhance Ivanhoe’s natural beauty, the unique features of your block and the lifestyle that makes you and your loved ones so quintessentially, you.

Luxury Home Designs in Ivanhoe

Due to Ivanhoe’s lush and sometimes sloping topography, a custom home design is often required. At Latitude 37, we’re leaders in designing homes that take advantage of sloping site constraints and opportunities, without compromising any of the features you’d expect to find in a luxury custom home.

Whether it’s sweeping balconies, split-level living , a basement garage or infinity pool with a view—our innovative and creative approach to maximising potential while minimising site disturbance has made us an industry leader in building luxury homes on challenging blocks.

Whether or not it’s a challenging site, every last detail of a Latitude 37 home is dedicated to you and your dream life.

How are we able to achieve this?

With our unique end-to-end service where our award-winning design, engineering and project management team all work in-house. Rather than outsourcing third-party contractors, we’re there with you throughout your entire project from the first time we meet to the moment we hand over the keys to your brand new home, and beyond.


Custom Homes Built for You

It all starts with our initial Discovery Session where we get to know each other, unravel your ideas and explore creative solutions that will make your new home as enviable as it is liveable. 

Once a schematic site plan is approved, we build out a 3D digital model that allows you to walk through and experience all the little details that make you feel at home, such as how sunlight will illuminate different rooms as the seasons change from summer to winter.

Our award-winning team is there by your side throughout, while you’re front and centre in the building process.

Our engineering team works with you to design a home based around how you like to live, our interior design team guides you towards the right features and appliances that will make your space stand out, while our construction managers oversee the rigorous quality control we maintain onsite.

This seamless collaboration process has helped us redefine the industry standard of what it means to build a quality home in Melbourne.


The Latitude 37 philosophy:

The Latitude 37 philosophy:
Form, function and flow.

Whether it’s for enjoying a hard-earned retirement or raising a family, The Latitude 37 philosophy is: form, function and flow. How can your home make you feel incredible from the moment you walk in the front door?

We believe that if we can uncover how you like to work, live and play, we can build you a home that truly feels like you.

And that’s the Latitude 37 difference. Let us build you a stylish luxury home in Ivanhoe.

Take a virtual tour

See what's possible with a...

See what’s possible with a…
Discovery Session.

Let’s have a conversation. Meet us at one of our award-winning display homes to get a feel for the luxury and exquisite finish that Latitude 37 is renowned for. 

We want to get to know you, share examples of our amazing 3D designs and provide you with practical advice on how to make the most out of your Ivanhoe block.

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Discovery Session

Lets get to know each other and discuss your vision to design and build a custom home. This obligation free catchup is a chance for us to understand what we could create for you.

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