Your custom designed home on a fixed price contract.


A “Fixed Price Contract” provides peace of mind, for when you commit to build your very own custom designed home.

A critically important element to a successful custom home project is to ensure the design can be delivered on budget.

Engaging a third party Designer or Architect often leads to misalignment of the design and budget which may not be evident until a builder has been appointed, leading to time delays and frustration. 

In addition to this, typically the contracts entered into would include a raft of ‘prime cost’ (PC) items and ‘provisional sums’ giving you little to no certainty over the total built price.

To avoid such a misalignment between designer and builder, working with an “all-in-one” builder ensures that uncertainty around costs in not a concern.

Latitude 37’s single integrated process.

From your Discovery Session right through to Handover, have peace of mind knowing this process reduces stress and potential budget blowouts. Never outsource another aspect of your dream home. 

When engaging Latitude 37 for the design and construction, we have a vested interest in ensuring the design we create for you not only meets your design brief but delivers a complete custom design solution, on budget.

The only time you have “Provisional Sums” is for your Interior Design Process. Carefully considered sums in place from the start, ensuring that you are the one in control of the costs.

We charge a nominal fee of $1,000 to get started on the design and we create a unique design solution that is priced up front to give you confidence before committing to proceed.

Down the track when the design, interior design and documentation is completed, we commit to a fixed price Building Contract to provide peace of mind that the project will be delivered at the agreed price and will not change during construction.  

That way there is absolutely no risk of a budget blowout. 

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Lets get to know each other and discuss your vision to design and build a custom home. This obligation free catchup is a chance for us to understand what we could create for you.

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