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At Latitude 37, we recognise that for some, designing and building your new custom home can be a daunting journey to embark on.

For many, it’s the biggest investment you will make in life— which is why we take the time to deeply understand what our role in that journey is.

With 15+ years delivering award-winning custom builds, we’ve proven that we can deliver you an amazing home. But we also know that right up until we handover your brand new set of keys, we’re ultimately there to provide a service. 

“We deep dive into what you like and understand how you live, to ensure that we can deliver you the very best tailored design outcome”

Our service can be defined by several key stages: Design, Pre-Site & Interior Design, and Construction. From your initial Discovery Session, right through to handover, our intent is to develop a relationship as your trusted advisor, there for you throughout each of these stages and as you begin your exciting new chapter.

We have a dedicated team of professionals across the board that are here to guide you, so that you feel comfortable and confident with every decision that’s made. We are experts at what we do, but we also want to impart our knowledge onto you so that ultimately, you’re part of the process of delivering your dream home.

Right from the beginning, our Custom Home Consultants are available to discuss your aspirations, and guide you on what’s possible based on your budget, site and the home you want to build for you and your family.

Our Discovery Sessions are designed to determine the feasibility of working together, and provide you with a sample of what you will experience through the Design Stage, as well as outlining the ongoing process.

Once you’re confident Latitude 37 is the right builder for you, your next trusted advisors will be our highly sought after Designers. From our initial design meeting, we deep dive into the details that will ultimately form the brief and bring your design concepts to life.

We achieve this by actively listening to what you like and understanding how you live to ensure that we can deliver you the very best tailored design outcome. It gives us the opportunity to know everything we need to about your site and guide you on any challenges it may present. Full transparency is key to ensuring that we know exactly what is possible on your block.



Armed with a brief, we develop concepts, and create a full scope 3D virtual walkthrough, so that you can immerse yourself in your future home before it gets built. It’s an amazing opportunity to witness the full scope of our industry leading 3D design.

Throughout this process, our designers work closely with our Estimating Team, which is critical in ensuring that your custom home comes in on budget.

Once you are happy with the design, the pricing and are happy to proceed, we then handover to your next trusted advisors; the Project Managers.

“Your Project Manager is responsible for coordinating the design and documentation of your new custom home, all the way through to the commencement of construction”

Everything from overseeing the demolition of an existing home, scheduling interior design, and perhaps most importantly, the commencement of your engineering and working drawings.

The Project Team doesn’t work alone. They are closely aligned with our Quality Control Team to ensure engineering and working drawings are accurate.

All the while your Interior Designer develops your bespoke interior finishes and fixtures, and creating rooms and spaces that reflect your personality, style, and the effortless functionality that you require.

Just like your custom home design, our interiors are design led, with your brief and inspiration as our guide. We design and detail a full spectrum concept, that’s then modelled in 3D software so that you can see the details and layout of joinery throughout the home.

This will include everything from your staircase, home office, walk-in robe, joinery, kitchen and more. Everything is meticulously crafted to work with the form, function, and flow of your custom home design.

Your Interior Designers and Project Coordinator will also assist with your consultations at Reece Bathroom Life and E&S, as you select your fittings, fixtures and appliances.

Town Planning applications— where required—are conducted throughout this process by your Project Coordinator. Once drawings, interiors and full documentation including energy ratings and building permits are complete, we’re then ready to complete contract signing ahead of the commencement of construction.



Now it’s time for your next trusted advisors to be introduced; your Construction Coordinator and Site Manager.

Everything you need to know through construction will be guided by your Construction Coordinator, including progress payments and quality control inspections at various stages of the build.

In terms of onsite construction, we have our specialist Construction Managers split into 2 stages of the build: base and frame, and lockup to handover. Each Site Manager specialises in their respective stages, ensuring the quality of construction and meticulous finish of the home are of the highest quality and live up to the standard of perfection that we set for ourselves.

Your home is complete.

Your home is complete.

Once your home is ready for handover, your Construction Coordinator will issue a certificate of occupancy and appropriate documentation.

Now it’s time to hand over the keys to your beautiful new home— a moment to celebrate!

Once the keys are in your possession, it doesn’t mean that our trusted advisors stop working. A dedicated maintenance team will be there to address any issues that may arise post-handover. We’ll be celebrating with you as you reach this amazing milestone and will do everything in our power to ensure a smooth transition.

Having designed and built hundreds of high-quality bespoke homes over the years, we have earned a reputation of trust and reliability. This ability to achieve positive results is only one of the important factors that we cultivate when building your trust.

It’s the strong rapport and trusted relationship between client and builder that ensures a smooth journey and a great outcome, and this can be seen in the reviews we’ve received in our client testimonials.

Every home we design and build is created specifically for your site, your lifestyle and your budget.  Every home we create is unique for one reason. You.

A single collaborative process.

A single collaborative process.

You don’t have to look for a separate designer, architect, interior designer and builder. Latitude 37 brings the best and brightest of these professions into a single full-services offering; a suite of trusted advisors who are with you every step along the way. 

From your Discovery Session right through to Handover, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands. 

Never outsource another aspect of your dream home. Turn to your trusted advisor— Latitude 37.

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